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 change or addition
 March 2016 Puppy plans, new section of recent wins, updates to Upta, Dance, EchoEuro, boys, and news
some changes to contents
 January 2016  updates to Contents, Upta, Dance, News
new photos of Mav on Upta
July 2015 pictures: dance, dream, avid, echoeuro, upta
 December 2014

more to contents, light, news, dance

new photos: fun, upta, news, contents, magic, index

 November 2014  updates and photos
MamaMia, Dance Litter, EchoEuro, Fun, Step Litter, Upta Litter, Light Litter, Dream, News, Contents
 Seotember 2014

 updates & new photos:

girls, boys, dream, dance, upta, step litter, mama mia,

 August 2014  updates: Toys, Dance, Uptas, Dream, News, Fun, Mama Mia!
December 2013  new photos All Litter, EchoEuro, History, Mama Mia! Litter.
November 2013   updates and photos added all over, especially to Tell Litter, Echo, Eden, Dreams, Dance, Upta, Magic, Mama Mia!, ...
 August 2013

 New photos: Dreams, Tell litter, Magic Litter, Upta lotter, Echo, Eden and Euro, Mama Mia Litter, Dance litter.

Gallery additions

 March 2013 new photos Upta, Mama Mia!
updates Contents, Mama Mia!
 January 2013 Lots of new photos: Magic litter, Upta litter, Dance litter, Avid, Eager & Eden, Dream litter, Cymbals litter (Laekenois), Kudos, Traditional Toys litter, Light Litter
 August 2012  Mama Mia updates
Dance Litter updates
Dream Litter updates
Upta Litter updates
Magic Litter updates
fun photo updates
 May 2012

 Upta litter born - photos
Mama Mia! updates and photos

Magic Litter born - photos

 February 2012  new photos: Dream, Dance, Tell, MamaMia, Light Litters and Echo and Laeken page
July 2011 news
updates to contents, dream, light, dance, toys...
new litter plan
 February 2011

varioius corrections :-)  

gallery updates
litters - new plan
updates: Light, Chorus Line, Euro

 January 2011  Dance Litter photos
Cookie CT
Mama Mia! Litter photos
 August 2010 New entries: gallery, boys, girls, light litter, dance litter, tell litter, mamma mia litter, news, ...
 March 2010 Lots of new photos: Eager, Euro, Echo, Fable, Tellitter, Dream Litter, Mama Mia Litter, Fun page, Upcoming Litter (Dance), News, and more.
 November 2009  updates to litters, added games litter, updates to contents, news, stars, tellitter, etc.
 October 2009  updates to contents, news, stars, tell litter, toys, kudos, dream , mamma mia, light, stud dogs, girls, chorus line, eager and eden, echo and euro, lighthouse, avid and some new photos on each of those as well. Upcoming Litter update. more done mid-October!
 February 2009 Mama Mia! Litter Arrived
new photos: Dreams, Lights, and more
 November 2008

 added photos: history, tell litter, light litter, toy litter ...

News updates

 October 2008 Reworked most of the site - lots of additions everywhere! Plenty of new photos of current dogs. News and more.Too many to list.
Moving the site to its new location with its own domain name.
 March 2008

Lots of Additions to Past Litters - new sections and new photos on almost every one!
Some updates throughout.
additions/changes to Fun Photos page

New photos of Dream Litter, Light Litter, Avid
NOBLE National Specialty Premium List
ABSDC Shows Premium List

 February 2008 The NOBLE site is added
The ABSDC site is added
New titles and photos in Dreams, Lights, Stars, etc.
New BAR award for Charmer
 September 2007 New photos of Light Litter
New photos of Dream Litter
 August 2007 New photos of Dream Litter
Light Litter arrived - photos 2 weeks
New photos of Demo, Poe, Rumor
News updates
 late July2007 News updates
new photos of Dreams, Avid, Tell Litter, Echo, Eager, and Gazer
General updates to several sections
 July 2007 News - results from the Canadian National Specialty
 June 2007  new photos of Dream Litter
news updates
Tell Litter Updates
Upcoming Litter Updates
 May 2007 Dream Litter arrives - new page - photos
News updates
Tellitter News/Updates
 March 2007 new photos on Fun Page, Kobe's page
News updates
 February 2007 new photos Eager, Eden, Echo, Avid, Kobe...
new arrangements
additions to the dogs in pedigrees gallery
new backgrounds
 October 2006 Upcoming Litters page
New photos of Avid,
News updates
Kobe updates
historical artwork
August 2006  New photos of Whisper, GRCH Gazer, Demo, Flare, Eager, Eden, Avid, Echo, Euro, Pogo,...
 July 2006 FLASH! UKC/AKC CHAMPION EDEN AND AKC CH EAGER...NEW IMPORT - "AVID" ...new photos of Echo, Avid, Euro, Eden, Eager, Pogo, Demo, Whisper...
 February 2006 Some updates, new photos of Echo, Euro, Eden, Eager, Fable, and some titles on the News page. Also some new and repaired links.
 November 2005

Major renovations and rearrangements, additions to news, stars litter, tell litter, Eager & Eden photos, general updates, links, additional photos of Eager, Eden, Tell Litter, and new page for NEW IMPORTS ECHO AND EASY (EURO) OF THE HOME PORT.

Please be patient - many more photos to be added...if your dog should be here, please send a photo!

 August 2005  new layout of several parts, addition of What's New, add Charmer page, new photos: Eager, Eden, Tell litter, fun photos; new format and pages for a gallery of dogs in pedigrees (and other dogs).