"Zuri" (CH UDT)
bringing in the newspaper at 15 years

Congratulations to the dogs and people who have recently earned new titles, awards, or other recognition of acheivement. 

These dogs are either bred by or owned by Coda and/or Classic, or are sired by one of our dogs.
There is absolutely no order to this list.

If we've missed a dog or title, please let us know! Hard to keep up with some of you (and sometimes a "senior moment" hits and someone is overlooked).
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Our own dogs' wins:

CPE agility trial 2/16:

Pilot: 3 runs = 3 Qs (1sts)
Echo: 3 runs = 2 Qs
Zest: 3 runs = 3 Qs (2nds)

CPE agility trials 7/2015:

Echo: finished her CL1-R
Standard L1 Q 2nd
Colors L1 Q 2nd
Jumpers L1 Q 1st

Avid: finished her CL1
Standard L1 Q 1st
Standard L1 Q 3rd
Jackpot L1 Q 2nd

Blade: finished his CL1
Jumpers L2 Q 1st
Fullhouse L2 Q 1st
Standard L1 Q 1st
Snooker L2 Q 1st

Colors L1 Q 1st
Wildcard L1 Q 1st
Wildcard L2 Q 1st

Zest: finished her CL1
Standard L1 Q 1st
Snooker L1 Q 1st
Colors L1 Q 3rd
Fullhouse L1 Q 1st
Standard L1 Q 1st
Colors L2 Q 3rd
Jackpot L1 Q 1st



 New Titles Elsewhere:


Khandi C-ATCH!!!

Star NA & NAJ

Rival UCD, 2 UCDX legs, HITs, TDX!

Chance RATO
Quest CD
Wit! UDX & TDX

Flame RA (1 UD leg with 1st)


Maverik RN OAJ OF PT


Chase RATO



 ACE Award for Search & Rescue Dog:

ptd "Topper" CDX

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