Upcoming Litters

No litters
None planned at present
(for Show, Performance and Companionship.)
Please contact us for application and more information.
We are currently screening Show/performance and Companion homes for our waiting list. Reservations are only accepted following complete screening in order to select homes we feel are appropriate for our pups. Each pup/dog is placed with a contract covering the dog's health as well as breeder and owner responsibilties.
For the safety of our puppies/dogs (and our sanity) we do not ship - new owners must drive or fly (pup goes home carry-on) to Maine.
Older pups and young adults are occassionally available to appropriate screened homes.

For further information, health clearances,and prospective home survey form Contact:
Classic 'n Coda Belgians

Adult Belgians (re-home or rescue) are occassionally available to appropriate homes - within driving distance of Maine.
We are rescue contact volunteers for all four varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dogs.