Coda's Literary Litter
Sire: CH HTCH U-CD Winjammer's Sequel CDX TD OTDd
Dam: CH HTCH U-CD Winjammer's Without A Doubt A/C CDX OTDd HITs

DOB: 4-1-87
Breeder: Sue Morlan

 "Jest" (f)
(ptd & HTCH pts) U-CD Coda's Satire CD HIC TT CGC (1 STDs leg)

Owner: Betty Cagley

 "Mandy" (f)
(ptd) Coda's Hot Off The Press CD HCT HIC

Owner: MaryAnn Miskinnis

 "Hadley" (f)
Coda's Fictional Existence HIC

Owner: Thesil Morlan

 "Joker" (m)
Coda's Comedy At Chateaugay CD HIC 1 HT leg

Owner: Carol Chamberlain

 "Spike" (m)
(14 pts & HTCH pts) Coda's Novel Idea HIC

Owner: Alicia Weirsma


 "Galley" (m)
(ptd) Coda's Rough Draft

Owners: Sam & Sue Sterrett


 "Ibid" (m)
Coda's Footnote

Owner: Sue Morlan


 "Granite" (m)
Coda's Written In Stone



 "Edit" (m)
Coda's Familiar Theme



 "HotShot" (m)
Coda' Elysian Mystery

Owner: Gary Binder


 "Trophy" (m)
Coda's Best Seller

Owner: J. Constantian


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