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We are hobby breeders who adore our dogs and this special breed. We are committed to the breed's welfare, studying the breed from every aspect, participating in competions and serving as active rescue volunteers. Our goal as breeders is to produce beautiful, versatile, talented Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Tervueren)to be the devoted companions of conscientious fanciers of the breed. Each breeding is carefully planned to fulfill this goal and to try and ensure good health and longevity. All breeding animals (and all possible relatives) are OFA certified (hips and elbows) and eye cleared, and every reasonable effort is made to avoid producing dogs that have seizures, are low thyroid, etc. Litters are raised with special attention to the emotional, mental, and physical development of each pup. They are raised in the house (with play time outside on our coastal farm), thoroughly socialized, and constantly assessed to help match each pup with an appropriate home.

   Puppies are often reserved before the litter arrives. A waiting list is maintained. Every prospective new home undergoes a thorough screening and all pups are placed with a written contract to protect the well-being of the dog and breed and the rights and reasonable expectations of the owners and breeders (including health).

 When we select a Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD) for ourselves we expect a devoted, responsive, elegant dog who loves to work - agility, herding, obedience, tracking, sledding, etc. - and is a quality representative of the breed in the conformation ring. Our breeding program strives to provide this versatility to others who desire such a special dog. We know that our dogs do best in homes where the people enjoy an intelligent, responsive and devoted dog that is true to its active and protective herding dog nature.  

 Utilizing some of the most versatile pedigrees available in North America, our own outstanding Belgian imports, as well as select dogs imported by others from Europe, we have consistently produced lovely companions who also have garnered numerous awards:

Conformation: National Specialties (UKC,AKC) Best of Breeds, Best of Winners, Selects, excellents, Sweepstakes Winners; Regional Specialties (AKC) Best of Breeds, Best Opposites, Best of Winners; Many Champions (UKC, AKC, CKC), Grand Champions, group winners and placers, nationally ranked "top ten" (including #1) dogs (UKC, AKC).

Obedience: Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH), UDXs, High-in-Trials, perfect 200 scores, class winners, Dog World Award winners, many degrees. Plenty of Rally-O titles too.

Agility: Agility Champions, many successful competitors with multiple titles in various organizations.

Herding: Herding Trial Champions (ABTC), many ASCA, ABTC, AHBA, AKC titles, High-in-Trials, and working stock dogs.

Tracking Champions (CT) and other Tracking dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, therapy dogs, sled dogs, flyball dogs, Nose Work dogs, Freestyle, Barn Hunt, etc.




Sue West & Sky tracking 
 We humans are both active in many areas with our dogs. We, (Sue West & Sue Morlan), train and show the dogs ourselves. Sue Morlan is also a retired conformation judge for UKC and herding trial judge for AKC. Between us we are members of the United Belgian Shepherd Dog Assoc. (Sue M. served as co-founder, Sec. & Vice President), the American Belgian Tervuren Club (SM served as herding Committee chair), Acadia Belgian Shepherd Dog Club (SM past President), Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada, Mid-Coast Kennel Club of Maine (SM past VP), past members: Belgian Sheepdog Club of America, Club Francais du Chien de Berger Belge (France), Koninklijke Unie der Clubs voor Belgische Herders (Belgium), and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Belgishe Herdershonden (Netherlands).
 We have been involved in BSDs for 30+ years. To see some of our past and current dogs' achievements, see the gallery page.


 We live on a coastal sheep and chicken farm where our dogs work and play. They enjoy our agility and obedience field or our indoor training room depending upon the weather. We are actively involved in rescue work, having fielded many calls as well as housed, rehabilitated and then placed many BSDs (as well as a Kuvasz and a few other breeds and mixes), including a 10+ year old Tervueren rescued from a shelter who found his permanent home here with us and a young Terv we placed with Janet Morlan (Sue's sister in Oregon) -Kobe.


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