Ammusement Litter

     Bijoux du Prince Blanc Valmiki du Sart des Bois

Urfa du Parc des Pathyvel
 GRCH BISS Othello Of The Two CGC (Belg)    
     Glimpi of the Two

sr Cicero of the Two

sr Bagheera of the Two 

Classic 'N Coda's Ammusement Litter      
     CH BISS Seafilds Loup-Varrou HIC BAR

CH Tacara's Sojourn Soignes CD

Seafields Yvadne Soignes

 CH U-CD Coda's Show 'Em Yer Stuff CD TD TDI HIC TT CGC    
   CH Coda Get The Show On The Road CD NA

 CH BISS BIS Winjammers One For The Toad CDX TDX HT BAR

A/C CH HTCH Wi njammers Hi Time Show Off A/C CD STD BAR

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